Current Date: 6 April, 2020
10 Simple Content Ideas For Youtube-You Should Know

10 Simple Content Ideas For Youtube-You Should Know


An introduction video should be the first kind of content you need to create in order to set the expectations of your audience. You will need to tell them what kind of content you will be making a little something about yourself while you want to make a YouTube channel and why you want to create videos for your audience. It’s like conveying to your audience your goals and what you want to achieve with your YouTube channel.


Whenever you see a video where you strongly disagree or agree on what you can do to get on top of that kind of idea or tread is to make a response video instead of a comment. Why not make a video out of it? Join the discussion point in your pros and cons. Why you strongly disagree or why you strongly agree with the post. Spice things up to make things interesting. And of course, when you make a video, more people will be more inclined to watch it and your opinions will get through more people.

Idea No.3 –   START A VLOG

Do you want to share your life with your friends? Do you often go out and travel? Or do you have an exciting lifestyle? People actually do like content from people who lead exciting lives. Do you always go out with your friends who have an adventure? Do you always want to bring your audiences with you when you are on the outdoors enjoying life? Start vlog content. The number of content ideas is an opinion video. Did you see the new political debate? And you have so many opinions about what they should do or focus on.

Idea No.4 –   VIDEO GAMES

Do you see the new gameplay video of an upcoming game and you didn’t like the video because of X, Y, and Z? Do you see that new Game of Thrones video? And you suddenly felt so overwhelmed that you have so many opinions about what the producers could do and make the video more awesome. And how the writers can make it more compelling. Why not create a video about it? If you have good points to your argument, it’s always a good idea to get on top of that hype.


Have you done the bucket challenge? Is there a new challenge where dozens of people flock around to accomplish that challenge? Have you tried to create your own challenge? It’s always good practice to jump to hype trends or trending topics.

10 Simple Content Ideas For Youtube-You Should Know

Idea No.5 –    REVIEW VIDEO

When you do a review video, you can tell people what you feel about the product. You are viewing the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses and the like. For example, you want to make a review about a video game like the new Dark Souls Games secur- o shadows dice twice. You will need to touch up on a lot of aspects of the game. You will need to cover the graphics, the story, the mechanics and the overall feel of the game. It’s the same with other review videos like tech reviews. You have to know exactly why these new techs will help you with your life. Reviewing can be hard, but when you touch up on the important elements, then your reviews will be beneficial for your audience.

Idea No.6 –   REVIEW VIDEO

When you have a lot of followers and build a strong community around you, you can create a review video. It’s a video format where you will be spotlighting all the things inside, maybe your bag, your phone, your computer and a lot of stuff.


Do you have a plethora of songs you can sing all day and night long? Do you find the new Avengers movie as one of your favorite movies and your favorite sport perhaps is Game of Thrones, your favorite TV show? Why not make a video about it until your fans, how much you love them and why they should as well?

Idea No.8-     MAKING COMEDY 

People love comedy. If you are a person who has a knack for comedy and you can spin a normal story to something funny, why not make skips with your friends?

Idea No.10-    SERIES VIDEO

Are you a good storyteller and you have the funds to produce your own series on YouTube? Why not create the first episode and see where it gets you? Unlike Game of Thrones, you can start with something simple and from there. Take the story further until it becomes something like a video game, high school, a YouTube series.

That’s the Ideas. Guys, what was the most relevant piece of the content idea that you got from us? Let us know down below. Also, sharing is our friend who is having difficulty producing the next kind of content or video on his channel.


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