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Is 9anime a legal anime streaming site

Is 9Anime A Legal Anime Streaming Site?

9anime is one of the most popular online anime streaming website. This site has won the hearts of the audience right after coming to the market. Audiences can easily enjoy the anime series online and download through this site without registration. They have all the new old and upcoming anime on this website. Here the anime series are presented to the audience in the form of episodes. All of those series are fully HD quality.

There are many categories on their home page. From where you can easily find your favorite anime episodes. You will also find subcategories in each category. You can make a request to upload any anime of your choice. Here is the schedule for when an episode will be uploaded.

Which 9anime is real

There are four versions of the same website. Both websites are very popular on the internet. is the main and official website of 9anime. They have a main page that updates every couple of hours. They have the main page where they update every hour.

9anime Reddit

They have an Official Reddit Page. Where they make all kinds of important announcements of the website and the audience can discuss and anime review the information about the website here. Here you can get a very quick admin response. Users can also request to upload the episode of their choice.

Is 9anime a legal anime streaming site

Is 9anime Legal?

Most users frequently asked on their twitter page that Is the 9anime streaming Website Legal? The site is not illegal as it conducts illegal activity. This site does not have a valid license.

Most of the subtitles of their episodes are done by the audience and publishes without any permission. The episode whare has an English voice, most of the voice is taken from the licensed website. In addition, the type of ads that are run on this site, the money is only given to the person running the site.

These sites are made by people who can make money by displaying advertisements on the site with only some basic website services. They always want their Anime Series to be streamed on their site legally but they don’t get much support from the viewers for these advertisements.

How To Block Unwanted Ads from 9anime?

This is a common problem for those of us who visit this site every day. So I will now show you how to block unwanted ads from this site. You must use the Google Chrome browser for this. Firstly download an Extension called ad-block and activate it into your browser. Let’s talk about this extension short review. It enables you to block all types of ads from your web browsing. It can block pop ads, banners, video ads, and most unwanted ads.

Difference between 9anime, to and 9anime ru

Yes.most of the audience filling a confusion between these two sites. However, the design of these two sites is the same and both sites upload anime of the same type. But there is nothing like confusion here. These two sites are managed by one admin. However, is its official website. The interesting thing is that has more monthly visitors than site receives more than 29 million visitors every month.

Most of these people come from us and more than 80% of the traffic source is visiting their website directly. So this means that the population of this site is worldwide.

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