Current Date:August 7, 2020
Derpibooru | World Largest Imageboard Website 2020

Derpibooru | World Largest Imageboard Website 2020

Derpibooru is the largest imageboard website in the world. Where all the people on the internet come together. Here people can present their art by their talent. It was originally created to entertain fans of the Greatest show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

Derpibooru History

This website was created in 2011 by a person named Derpibooru. But it has been popular with the audience since 2015. Originally this website got popularity because of its predecessor. He did not succeed with his previous website Ponibooru. Then he closed this site and redirected all the audience here to Derpibooru site and sent all the data and content of that site to this site.

Then he worked hard for a few months and gradually became known to the audience for uploading good content regularly. Today this site is known to 3 million Audience. Most of the visitors are coming from the US. More than 600 Art Uploads are being uploaded to this site every day.

Derpibooru Maintenance

Currently, the founder of this site is Carcer. However, the admin is Blossomforth, Byte, Carcer, The Frowning Pony. Probably 15 volunteers are working to control this site. There are also artists, art fans, programmers. There are also those who like to stay with Art.

Users feel very comfortable using this site. Every day they upload their own art here. They can also comment here without having an account. This way they can comment on each other’s Art. Users can also create an account here if they want. In this, they can enjoy some additional benefits. They can hide their important information and IP address if they want. So no one can access the Ip address of any users.

Derpibooru Tag

Derpibooru site has many different types of content. So the tag is used to present these different content to the user. Users can easily find their desired Art through Derpibooru Tag. Images are arranged in rows through tags. When users upload their art, they can set the tag from there.

So programmers work on-site development with an emphasis on tags. There is a tag box for users to use which lists the most used tags. In addition, anyone can edit the tags they use.

Derpibooru Popular Tag

Now I will present to you some popular tags of Derpibooru. With these tags, the user can filter out unexpected art. These tags are the most searched on the Derpibooru site.

Human Derpibooru: This tag is the most used and searched on this site. Here the art of human character is displayed. Although the Content Creators here have more Girl Art in this tag. This tag contains a total of 140075 Art.

Derpibooru Sundown: Sundown basically means sunset. This tag presents a lot of interesting Art. There are 1440 Art. The art of this tag is more advanced than other tags and the score of the art here is the highest.

Equestria girls: Equestria Girls means “My Little Pony” Animation Show Girl Characters. The Art of these Girl characters is separated by this tag. However, the Art must be created by them otherwise the Moderator will not approve these Art.

Starlight glimmer: Starlight Glimmer is a female Unicorn Pony. She was probably seen on the “My Little Pony” show. He was sometimes seen as an antagonist and sometimes as a protagonist. The number of Art in this tag is 4306.

Derpibooru Rules

Derpibooru site has some specific rules. They have to obey all their audiences. And if anyone refuses to abide by these rules, the site moderator will take action against him.

  1. No one here can oppose anyone. No offensive Art or Comments can be made.
  2. It is very important to give respect and interest to the artwork of the artists. No one will be able to upload art that does not exist.
  3. Besides, no one can publish any Art with Watermark. Art created by others cannot be uploaded without his permission.
  4. Tags are a very important topic on this site. Each image must have a rating tag and the same tag cannot be used repeatedly. The tag should match the image. You may not manually create or use any tags for your personal organization.
  5. If you want to keep your account secure, you can open more than one account. But if you are a Ban User of this site then you can not re-account.


What is Derpibooru?

Derpibooru is an Art Work site. This site is for those who like Art and like to have Art. If the audience wants, he can submit his own art. Anyone can comment on anyone’s Art here if they want. However, no offensive comments can be made.

Derpibooru how to search multiple tags?

Yes, you can find multiple tags together here. For this, you need to type your second tag with a comma after typing your first tag in the Search Box. This way you can find as many tags as you want together.

Derpibooru how to delete image?

This site does not allow anyone to delete pictures. For this, you must be the artist of the site and you have to report to the image you want to delete and write a short description and send it to the Moderators. This way you can apply to delete multiple images. Site Moderator will review your application and remove the image from their database if they think it is correct.

How to delete Derpibooru account?

You cannot delete your account completely. However, you can deactivate your account. For this, you need to send your problem to with the mail used in your account. When your account becomes deactivate, all public information in your profile will be deleted.

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