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DiversyFund Review 2020-Is DiversyFund a good for investment

DiversyFund Review 2020-Is DiversyFund a good for investment?

A real estate investment trust, also known as REIT, is a vehicle that allows individuals to buy shares in a commercial real estate portfolio. Diversy and grow three company purchases and owns a pool of multi-family apartment buildings. That cash flow, meaning they generate revenue from the rents.

The buildings are acquired, renovated, and managed by the real estate experts at Diversy Fund so that their investors can stay passive and keep doing what they enjoy. Their strategy to help you make money faster is to leverage what is called forced depreciation.

They renovate all the apartment buildings within the first year, which quickly increases both the rents and the building’s value. Properties provide cash flow from day one, and that revenue goes up after the first 12 months. When renovations are complete each month, you receive a share of the rents in the form of a dividend that’s automatically reinvested to help you grow your wealth faster.

They always put investor returns first as They start collecting rents. The first seven percent goes straight to you and other investors in the fund after you’ve been paid. We share the remaining profits. Investors received 65 percent and Diversy fund 35 percent. Once the investors reach a 12 percent return per year, the profit is split 50/50 between investors and the Diversy fund.

At the end of the five-year term, They sell the property in addition to the forced depreciation from the renovations. Natural market appreciation over time increases the building’s value so they can generate additional revenue from the sale. They continue to purchase new value, add multi-family properties, and repeat the process.

Fall investors own a portion of the properties in the fund, which creates more diversification and distributes risk. When you invest with the Diversy fund, you’re investing with a partner. Start investing today with as little as five hundred dollars and you’ll be on your way to building wealth.

Let’s start with a story. One was Ted. He is an investor and business owner who always wanted to get into real estate but never had the opportunity to do so. Ted understands the importance of diversifying his investment portfolio beyond just stocks and bonds and knows that he needs to add real estate investments to his investment strategy.

But Ted doesn’t want to pay the high premiums and fees of a public real estate company. And he doesn’t want to bother with the hassles and unknown expenses of trying to manage his own small real estate deals. Ted wants to have actual land as a passive investor, leaving the management to the experts.

Ted also wants to invest in multiple multi-million dollar properties, not small fix, and flip houses but doesn’t have the money or access to these sorts of sophisticated opportunities. And Ted doesn’t want a broker who will just stick his money into an investment and then disappear after the broker gets paid its commission.

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a way for Ted to invest in high quality institutional real estate managed by institutional experts without needing a million dollars to get started and without worrying about brokers and fees? Well, there is the recent introduction of real estate crowdfunding provided by the Diversy Fund.

Diversy Fund is a full service online real estate crowd investing platform that uses convenient online technology to connect potential investors like TED to vetted high-quality real estate investment opportunities.

This way, Ted can rely on Diversy funds expertise in choosing top quality real estate that targets higher returns. So how does Diversity Fund do this?

First, the Diversy fund only looks at real estate investments in the country’s strongest performing markets and performs its own due diligence and underwriting on each investment. Diversy Funds Principles combine over 50 years of real estate experience and Wall Street expertise, meaning their real estate guys utilizing technology, not tech guys trying to figure out real estate investing.

Unlike other online real estate sites that merely broker deals for other real estate investment groups, Diversy Fund performs all of the investment development and construction management work itself in-house for greater quality control for investors like tatt providing investors monthly detailed reports with pictures of each real estate investment as they see each investment through to the very end.

And Diversy Fund always gives its investors a priority return protection, meaning that the Diversy fund doesn’t make any profit from the sale of an investment property until investors like Ted are paid their full investment return. This means the Diversy fund only invests in real estate that it believes will have plenty of profit for both investors like Ted and Diversy Fund.

That’s putting your money where your mouth is. And because the Diversy fund is compensated as the developer, Diversy Fund does not charge any broker fees servicing fees or platform fees to its investors. So that tech gets to keep 100 percent of his investment pay off. After all, it’s Ted’s money. He should keep it.

So for a smaller investment amount, take it now, take his money and spread it out over several different real estate investments, like investing 20 thousand dollars in a 30 million dollar apartment building and ten thousand dollars in a 20 million dollar luxury single-family residential project, and fifteen thousand dollars in a 40 million dollar mixed-use building.

All of these investments are monitored within Diversy Funds Investor Portal, where detailed monthly updates are sent to every investor. And tax documents are stored for easy record keeping. So now tech can start investing in high-quality real estate with no platform fees and that the experts at Diversy Fund do all the hard work.

As he sits back and watches his real estate portfolio grow with the satisfaction of knowing that he has priority return protection when he invests with Diversy fund, gets started on building your real estate portfolio by registering with Diversy today.


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