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Game of Thrones Map - main places Explanation

Game of Thrones Map – main places Explanation

We all know how expansive the law is in this series. And it’s the main reason why I and so many others obsessively enjoy it with so much detail, it’s easy to get lost, confused along the way, wearing the books or watching the script on adaption on the show. Hopefully, this ambitious article makes it help you with that. I’ll be explaining each region starting from the west of the map. The map is too overwhelming to look at. Let me just clear some space before I start.

Four people moved in and named everything Westeros was inhabited by children, the forests, and the giants. These two species lived throughout Westeros except with Iron Islands. I will occasionally fight seems like the children of the forest with a more prominent of the two. Since they were more civilized and advanced. Giants were not only found in Westeros. However, some corpses can be found throughout Essos. When you look at the current map, you can see how Westeros and Essos have no physical connection.

But it wasn’t always this way. 2000 years before the start of the story of humans called the first men cross a natural bridge called the Arm of Dorne. If legends are to believed they were led by Garth Green Hand, the first high king where they came from his loss in history. Since this was before the time of writing, the only thing to go by is the word of mouth and cave carvings. It’s possible they came from the Dothraki sea. The first man brought horses and bronze weapons with them.

There was peace at first, but the first man began to climb down wire wood trees after they found out the children can use magic to spy on them. Their secret wire wood trees have carved faces on them and the children can look through their eyes to protect the forests. This caused a war between the two species, and the children were forced to destroy the arm of dawn with magic to end invasion from Essos. What was left was a chain of islands called the Step Stones, where the arm of dawn used to be.

They had Powerful magic, but were vastly outnumbered by the first man. The war had no victor. Even the first men were doing better, They eventually signed a pact for peace and lived together in Westeros. Open lands now belong to the first men, and the forests were the children’s new home. While the Giant’s first men and children were coexisting for a few thousand years and new threat came to play in the northern. Most part of Westeros is a region called the Lands of Always Winter.

This is where the others came from 8000 years ago. This is unknown area because it’s mostly unexplored. But the children and Giants did live here after the others were defeated. The wall was built to prevent another attack. Brandon the Builder has been given credit for not only constructing a wall, but also winterfell and landmarks in Westeros. Because the wall countless first men were separated from the rest of the Westeros.

They started calling themselves the Free Folk while everyone else referred to them as wildlings. The living conditions are so harsh that they don’t name the children until they are two because of how high the infant mortality rate is. They would remain very primitive. The only settlement that could be even considered a Talon was a hard home, but it was mysteriously destroyed six hundred years before the start of the series. Some kings beyond the wall have come and gone and tried to unite all of the free folk, invaders, southern neighbors, but all have failed.

Nineteen castles were raised along the wall to further guard against others or white walkers. Tonight’s watch has been there ever since. Brandon, the builder, was the founder of How Stark It. As the years passed, kingdoms were establishing themselves. How Starry became kings in the North and would eventually defeat all the other Northern Kings land the clever, too costly rock from the Castile’s and became the first landesa king of the rock and roll over the Western Lands.

Garth Green Hand and his descendants had complete control over the reach of Garth’s firstborn son. Garth Gardiner became the first king of the reach, and they ruled for thousands of years before the target audience gave the high guard the Tyrrell’s. The kingdom, now known as the storm lands, was ruled by the Storm King Duran.

Six castles were built and destroyed by weather conditions in this region until final storms and were raised with the help of Brand the Builder. Would be the founder of House to Randon, who would rule as kings into the last. Randon was killed in battle by Orris Brath and thousands of years later. Always was gifted storms and by his alleged half brother Egg on the Conquerer.

The Great King ruled over the Iron Islands and all Kurn houses in this area. Queen descends from him as well as many houses in the rich queen descent from Garthe green hand. The first men who settled on the Iron Islands had no influence from children in the forest and formed their own religion. Unlike the first men who took the children’s religion as their own and pray to the old gods we were, trees are unable to grow on the islands.

So that could explain why the great king. Each island archipelago ruled itself with two kings, a rocking who ruled on the island and an assault king who ruled from the sea. They have always been a nuisance to others and Westerners constantly reading them. It’s no surprise concerning the island’s violent culture that each island would often fight each other. Eventually, each minor king will come together to set one high king to unite them and rule them all after a high king dies. The minor kings would come together again and elect a new one.

A few first men houses they ruled as kings and the Riverlands. And only ones we’re talking about are the brackets and Blackwood’s who have been rivals for thousands of years. When you think of Dawn, I know the first thing that comes to mind is the Martels.

But they didn’t come into the picture until much later. Some of the kings and daunted descend from the first mint include House Daine in Ironwood House. Ironwood was called the High Kings of Dawn, ruling a large portion of the region, but not complete control. Donis was always feuding with the kingdoms. They shared Bors with the storm lands and the reach while castles were rising.

Following another invasion from the east hit West Morose in the hills of Angelos in Essos, a man named Hewar of the Hill was supposedly crowned by gods in the defeat of the seven. I was told by the seven that he and his descendants would have great kingdoms in a foreign land. The Abdel’s, equipped with iron weapons, sailed a narrow sea from Essos to wastrels landing in the Vale. This mountainous region had a few kings but didn’t have a very large population.

When the Ando’s came, they completely dominated the first man ruling in the veil. The annals of House Aaron became the kings of the mountain in Vail. The first men who did not kneel to the Arun’s fled to the mountains. It became the Vail Mountain clans. They behave similarly to Wildings and iron born, attacking anyone while taking women in items.

After taking the veil, the animals moved onto the Riverlands. They were also defeated in House Justman to control of the area as kings of the Triton. They wouldn’t stop there. The ANDO’S would continue to. The storm lands, but storms and was too great of a castle to be defeated. Instead of the Branden’s intermarried with the Ando’s and converted to the faith, Lancers solved the conflicts with marriage as well.

After some battles and converted houses, Gardner didn’t even fight. Instead opted for marriages and converted before any bloodshed. The North was a completely different story. However, the Starks crushed the Ando’s during the first attack from the East. After a change of strategy, the ANDEL decided to attack from the South this time.

The cornered men of the neck held their ground and didn’t let the enemies make it further north. The Krannert men are possibly a hybrid between the children, the forest, and the first men to their battles against Androes were even more meaningful. The candles were burning Wychwood trees and killing children, the forest causing them to go into hiding ever since dawn and face much of an attack in comparison to the other kingdoms.

A few invaders came in and took some land. Queena Martell’s Morgan Martelle the fire to first man houses and built their new home. The last place to Annells invaded was Iron Islands. It took them a thousand years after landing in West Deros to make it here for iron bought houses, including the Great Joys, Join the Ando’s, and attacking their King Harry’s whore Meridan and a warlord’s daughter and became king of the Iron Islands house.

Hawe would later become ambitious centuries later and take the Riverlands and in themselves, Kings, the Isles and Rivers, Westerners, and the Seven Kingdoms wouldn’t experience must change into the target. Aryans came into the picture, which I’ll get into in a bit.

Sources clearly the larger of the continents, and that’s without it even being fully explored. The further east you go, the more mysterious this place gets. If we’re talking of Valeria Things Biscet talk about the empires that pre-date it, possibly the first-ever civilization was a great empire of the dawn. This empire covered all the land between the bone mountains and agree on waste.

The ruler was someone called the God on Earth and he ruled for ten thousand years, which was kind of makes his legend hard to believe. A few generations later, the God on Earth descendant, the Bloodstone Emperor, killed his sister to take the empire for himself.

What he did to assist you became known as a blood betrayal. And many in this area believe his actions brought in the long night. The great empire of the dawn never recovered after the long night. And part of that rose after it was a golden empire of beauty. This all land mostly consists of green farmland and jungles.

There are two other cultures that claim they were the first to build towns and become powerful civilizations in Essos, the kingdom of Sana’a, and the old empire of GIFs before Valaria. It was the old empire of gears to conquer and rule over Essos This empire started off in the city of Guess within the guest Khari region. Rabbi Slayer’s Bey.

Their powerful military strength then inspired the unsullied fighting style was powerful enough to conquer the areas around. Guess they were nearly unstoppable until dragon eggs were found in the volcanoes of the Valerian Peninsula. The people living on the Valerian Peninsula who are peaceful sheepherder’s but eventually learned to tame dragons and became powerful magic users.

While the old empire of Gears was expanding and building pyramids and towers, the Valerian Field began their conquest. 5000 years before the start of the series, a series of battles called The Sky Wars took place. Every war ended with a victory for Valaria. The Dragons and Valerian Steel overwhelmed the Skari in the fifth and final war. The capital city of guests was destroyed.

Ever turn the city into ruins? The most powerful empire was defeated to the point where their culture and even the language disappeared forever. The guests, Khari, were known for their use of slaves, and Valeria took notes. Survivors of the war were forced to mind. The volcanoes in all their cities were colonized.

There is a small island called new guests south of where old guests used to be, and the slaving cities asked the poor young Chye and Maureen that the nurses liberating claim descent from the discovery. The village in Freehold quickly became the most powerful, an advanced civilization in Essos, all because of dragons. The people of a shy.

By the shadow, Klym Dragons first appeared in the Shadowlands. With all the magic that goes on in the city, it’s hard not to believe it. The old empire of his own civilization that can prove they were the first since they have writings that predate any other so is generally believed. They were the first. A shy is easily the most mysterious location in the entire series.

The city is huge but sparsely populated. The people here walk around alone with masks and. Ever seen children? A lot of dark magic is performed and learned here since no practice is forbidden. Lucky for the people. A shy is a port city with traders bring food and water. Their only source of water is a river called ash in the day. The river is black but glows green at night. The river is undrinkable and the fish are blind and deformed. All animals brought to a shy soon die. The city is in darkness with the buildings made of only black stone that absorb light.

The Shadowlands is a mysterious mountainous region covered with ghost grass, ghost grasses, a tall white plant that kills other life, and prevents anything else from growing. The only city within the Shadowlands is Saigon. The city is in ruins and is known to be a haunted corpse. See, even the creepiest sorcerer is known as the shadow. Binders are afraid to go here. The people have a shy and others east of Scar. We’re fortunate enough of the driving.

Nords of Valeria had their eyes set on conquering the areas of Western Essos, while Huba of the Hill claimed the seven provinces people kingdoms in a foreign land. Valeria was attacking the Ando’s of Angelos and they ran to West Ross instead of being enslaved. The first colony founded by the village in Freehold was Falangists, is one of nine free city colonies, and is known as the first daughter.

Like Valenti’s Tiro start as a military outpost, Leece was a paradise vacation spot for the Dragon Morts merchant adventurists from the freehold found in Myhre and Pinto’s some villages. Valeria’s, who shared different views compared to the others in the freehold ponded Laura Atha Nervous and COHA, the last of the free cities is Bravo’s Bravas was never a colony under the freehold. While on ships from Valeria to a new colony, slaves on board to control the ships and escape their masters. They traveled to a distant lagoon that was well hidden by hills, covered with pine trees and a father that covers this area.

Some of these slaves were said to be women from Jogo. SNI, north of Yati is an area called the Plains of the Jogger’s NIJ. There are nomadic people similar to the Dothraki like its author Acky. They constantly attack everyone around them. But these two races do have their differences. The Jingoes Knee-High are a lot shorter and modify their heads at a young age to make a point.

They also do not attack their own. People are not the North Rakhi who regularly kill each other while the Valeria’s didn’t have the chance to conquer the lands. This Far East, probably due to the bone mountains and the great sand sea having jungles and high slaves’ proves they did venture out this far. Bravos remain a secret city for 100 years.

A sealer, a bravo who rules over the people sent ships all over to inform the world of Bravo’s existence. Even after this bold move, the city remains hidden for hundreds of more years. What started as the youngest of the free cities problems in the current story is the wealthiest and most powerful, while the other free cities are called Daughters of Valeria.

Problem is referred to as the bastard daughter of Valeria a little over a thousand years before the start of the story. Valeria’s expansion reached the RHYNER. The Royal is an ethnic group of people who lived along the massive Rhine River. The powerful group of cities use water magic and were the first work iron into weapons and armor.

They taught their annual neighbors how to do the same. The Rohner had some victories during the 250-year long war, but like always, Valeria overwhelmed them with dragons. Miria, a princess of Ryner, took the surviving women, children, and elderly onto 10000 ships to escape the dragon hordes. Her journey is one of my favorite backstories and served as a perfect Segway to some of the islands in the known world named Mira and her 10000 ships first stop at Basilisk Isles.

Pirates on these islands scare them off to south across the southern continent. You don’t hear much about in the story. Santeros is mostly unexplored, and it’s because this place is a nightmare. Imagine the Amazon rainforest on steroids. This continent is mostly jungle with some desert and mountains. There are some inhabitants and I don’t know how they even survive. The people, each other. The place is filled with plague and disease.

The weather is brutal and you need to hear the wildlife they have going on here. They have Wyvern, which is like dragons that don’t spit fire and even apes big enough to kill an elephant with one hit a Jaguar to top her dragon flew over top the continent for three years. Concluding is his largest Essos biggest car empire that did have some colonies near the shore. They took ownership after defined the old empire but would eventually abandon it.

After spending a year here, Namibia decided this is no place to build a home for her people. There is a four continent in the series, but all we know is that it’s called Orthos. George Mawn added it in to illustrate how little the people of West Eros know of the world. Nigeria’s next stop would be NARTH. The people of NARTH are extremely peaceful and don’t believe in killing anything.

After years of traveling, the Rúnar finally had a warm welcome, only to find a very deadly disease that infects any outsider to the island. The people of NARTH are immune to this disease that is spread by butterflies, and anyone else soon dies from this illness.

Their next stop was a Bulu in the summer islands named Mira, and her people were not permitted to stay on any of the main islands because of Summer Islanders’ futa valerian attack. The Roner stayed on the small island Abbu for two years but weren’t able to grow food on the island’s thin soil. Some islands do have an interesting history since they were fairly isolated from the rest of the world.

They always believed they were alone in the world, surrounded only by the sea. When a guest got his ship washed ashore, one of the islands, their curiosity bloomed. They built huge, unique ships. It became trading partners with a village in Freehold with the Valeria’s. Wanted him paid most for was slaves since it was Ireland’s own rulers selling his people.

The island doesn’t have any natural metal, so the Warriors use powerful bows made from golden trees that could pierce armor. Their final stop would be dawn. Before I talk about all that, I think I should go over some of the cool islands around Essos Since we’re on the topic of Ireland’s Great Maroc is the large island and non-rural and was conquered by a God-Emperor of Yeti in the northeast as an expansive archipelago called the Thousand Islands. The inhabitants of these islands are pretty creepy. Their skin has a green tint in their hairless. They’re afraid of outsiders and sacrifice visitors to their gods. Not only are they afraid of visitors, but they are mortally terrified of water.

Some believe an old civilization that existed here long ago drowned by the sea. Ebony’s claim there’s actually less than 300 islands in the Thousand Islands archipelago. Speaking of the Ebony’s, the northernmost part of Essos is IB, IB and the small islands around it are full of forests and mountains. These are short, hairy people with broad shoulders who hunt whales. They don’t seem that different, but they aren’t able to easily have children.

People from any other race named Miria made a lord named Maurice Martell Indore and burn all her shapes to declare they found their new home. I would never sail to Essos again. They formed House Najm, Eurus, Mortel and were able to conquer all of the dawn together for the first time.

They adopted a lot of royalist customs and called themselves princes and princesses instead of kings and queens and other custom brought into the dorm’s equal rights, allowing women to rule. At the height of Valerius’ strength, a smaller dragon, her family decided to leave everything behind and move the entire Targaryen house to Valeria’s westernmost outpost, Dragonstone. All this because of one togue Aryan’s prophecy of the destruction of the entire peninsula.

She happened to be right, and 12 years later the of Valeria happened. All the volcanoes erupted, killing every dragon, and a person with the superpower of Essos suddenly wiped out. Chaos hit the continent. This time period is called a century of Blood Dothraki, where a group of nomadic people who came from each of the bone. Malins they left a path of bones on these mounds. And it’s how it got its name. While Valeria was in power, they were nothing but a nuisance to others.

But during the Censullo blood, the United under one call, they almost completely wiped out the kingdom of Sanaa, who were very powerful but underestimated a united Dothraki. The only sea left in this kingdom is SRF. They were called the Tall Men and need the support of IB and Lárus to survive the attacks. Kathee, another ancient civilization in the grasslands, was also almost completely destroyed. Only the city left is Konrath and they survived because of their triple walls area that is known as the grasslands had been renamed the Dothraki Sea.

The only settlement, the Dothraki Sea is vast. Rothrock is the only city of Adath Rakhi and is run by slaves and the wives of former calls. No blued is allowed to be carried, and it’s forbidden to share a freed man’s blood in the city. Instead of heading east from Dragonstone Island, the conker and his Targaryen sister wives decided to head west and conquer Westerners. The Essos in the past, it would only take two years to unite six of the seven kingdoms.

Dawn was only a kingdom able to hold off the three dragons. Agan gave the storm lands to suppose it half brother Aura’s brath Buratha. After all, is the fear the storm king after roasting house gardener, the reach was given to their steward’s house. Tyrel house horror burned within their gigantic castle heron hall. They were the kings of the isles and rivers at the time. The Islands, one of the great joys and the Riverlands went to the Tullis.

Three more a part of the Seven Kingdoms, Aegon made his family’s home near Blackwater Bay. It was near the center of all the kingdoms and didn’t belong to anyone. He’s learning became the capital and the region became known as crown land. King’s Landing quickly grew to be the largest port city, with the highest population surpassed the four other cities known as the major cities of West Westroads, old town, Lanas Port, Gold Town, and White Harbor.

And there you have it, Game of Thrones map detailed. I know some of the explanations were pretty brief, but the majority of the locations here deserve articles on their own. I just always feel ambitious before the new season and make massive articles like this every year.


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