Current Date:July 3, 2020
Hooda Math

Hooda Math। Learn With Fun For Kids

We all parents want our children to be educated in joy. But textbooks cannot give our children enough joy. So with this in mind, Hooda Math has created a web-based math game where children can learn through fun and entertainment. Hooda math is actually a website for playing educational games based on online, where children can expand their knowledge by playing these games. Every game here is educational and made based on their preferences.

Hooda Math Escape

Most of these escape games are math-based. Here are some puzzles and mathematical problems that they have to solve on their own. So that they gain knowledge of self-reliance.

There are some levels in each game that children have to go through. As well as playing games, they can email their game scores to teachers and parents.

Math Hooda offered every game free of cost to everyone. Here they have more than 350 games.

Hooda Math Escape Games History

This website was created by Michael Edlavitch in 2008. As a middle school teacher, he realized that something different was needed to keep students advanced and engaged in math. With this in mind, he started discovering this website with a few more companions. Although they did not have much success in the beginning, they now see 30,0000 visitors per month.

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