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how do you massage sinuses to drain

how do you massage sinuses to drain

Today we are going to be exploring some massage techniques to help alleviate sinus pressure and sinus congestion. I know, like many of you, that the outside, Paul, and whether when dust, etc has caused havoc on your sinuses, you guys come into my practice with sinus pressure, pain, headaches, neck pain, you know it.

Did you know that you can use massage to actually help relieve your sinuses, it’s true. in this article, I’m going to talk you some of the major pressure points that you want to work on the face and on the head to help relieve sinus pain and sinus pressure.

It also helps to alleviate some of the headache symptoms that can be associated with sinus pressure as well so go ahead, I know you’re going to enjoy coming back and following along many times do you definitely want to add it to your library a favorite. It also helps to clear your airway and open up your sinuses and get all those allergies taken care of.

Now, if you didn’t know your sinuses or your sinus cavities almost look like a butterfly. So it starts up the middle of the forehead, would come down into underneath your eyes. Underneath here and then out. So let’s jump into to our techniques how do you massage sinuses to drain

Number one is we should use a really light touch. We can use the same pressure that we would if we were moving a coin across the top of a table.

Number two is a very slow process that we’re going to be talking each move should be done over about one to two seconds.

  • The first move is we are going to take our fingers and start right in the middle of the bridge of our nose and we’re going to pull out and pull down.
  • The second move is we’re going to start right under the jawline and when we go from back to forward, and that’s using our pinky side of our hand back to forward.
  • Number third move is we’re going to find the corner of our collarbone. And then this long muscle that’s right next to your throat or just at the bottom of your throat. And we’re going to simply press down on that area. So do each of those moves 20 to 30 times. Very light going about one to two seconds per stroke.

Number Three is a great way to drain your sinuses is simply to take your thumbs, putting them on the inside portions of your nose, pushing down, and then pushing out. That will help drain some of the sinuses and the sinus cavity underneath your eyes.

Number four my favorite way to drain the frontal scientists, and usually that’s the one that’s causing you your headaches, is to take your hands simply in the palm of your hand. And here’s what you’re gonna do to turn sideways here. You’ve to take the palm of your hand and you’re going to aim right in between the eyebrows here. And you’re going to push not only in, but you’re going to push up at the same time.

Number Five So you’re going to push into the sinus cavity. You’re going to press up and then extend your head into extension. And what you want to do is you want to hold that extended position for about 15 to 20 seconds with your head in an extension position. What it does is it actually helps to open up and to drain the sinuses.

The sinuses will drain down the portion of your neck down into your left super clavicle area and then clean out the rest of your body.

So Remember Number one, use your thumbs by pressing in and out. And number two, taking your palm of your hand, pushing up underneath it between the eyebrows of your head and extension and pushing up on the forehead here. Give that a try and let me know what you think.

As I said, I know that the wind. Seasonal allergies, everything is going crazy. But please use those tips and let’s see if we can’t help drain your sinuses and help you fight all of those allergies. All right. If you have questions, please ask below in the comments, and I will do my best to answer them. Have a great day.


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