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How To Increase Instagram Organic Growth in 2020

How To Increase Instagram Organic Growth in 2020

Today I want to share with you an interesting trick that I’ve kind of been using for a while. It tested a couple of times. Every time I’ve tested it, it’s done great. I did it on my personal account first. For a few days from like five or followers to 600 followers, I stopped doing it because that’s not really my focus. But then I started doing on client accounts, so we got even better results. And so it’s been very interesting. And so this tip is how you can grow your followers on Instagram.

And it’s engagement method. I didn’t come up with it. It’s actually by the one and only Gary V friend of you who are familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge social media guru. Quite a few years beyond myself. He does run an agency that has multiple offices around the world. They do almost 150 million a year. So he knows what he’s talking about. And he kind of pioneered this strategy. But it’s still very new, very cutting edge and very simple.

So right now, I’m going to talk to you exactly how you can grow your followers steadily, organically, in a way that’s going to bring not just more followers, but meaningful connections and relationships on Instagram. And I guarantee you, if you do this every single day, every single day, you will wake up each day with more followers and more people liking it, engaging with your posts every time you post.

And the results can be massive. I can almost promise, like if your page is half decent and you do this for one year in the worst-case scenario possible. Probably something like three to four thousand followers in the year. Best case scenario, probably 20000 followers or more. So let me share that tip really quick and this how we’re gonna do this. So this is my personal page.

I’m using it as an example. Here’s my profile. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Let’s say I’m not Darren Kimbrell right now, and I am a new restaurant that opened up in Toronto. So I’m in a restaurant, you know, hip, trendy. And I got to get people following my page because I put out amazing pictures. I’m a great food and people need to see exactly what it is that I’m doing. Something comes to my restaurant and I know that if I can just get it to follow me, they will come by for me.

So let’s pretend I’m a restaurant. So as a restaurant, this is how you’re gonna start this method. This idea that this method for any business, for this particular restaurant, it’s called the 18th-century method. So what the 18th scent method is, is essentially you’re going to drop your two cents if you know the old saying, you know, I don’t need your two cents. Leave your two cents on the top nine posts on a relevant hashtag to your industry.

I’m going to say that again. You’re going to leave your two cents. So your comment, your opinion on the top nine posts in a hashtag relevant to your industry. So let me talk you what that means.

It’ll start to become a little more clear. So I’m a pizza shop, camera, new restaurant, whatever, downtown. What’s a good hashtag? Can start out. Let’s do this. Toronto foodies, people are posting in this hashtag. They’re posting with Toronto foodies.

They’re probably people I want to my restaurant. They’re probably people that are gonna be quite responsive to food pictures. And they sound like, you know, my ideal target audience. So we’re gonna go to Toronto foodies.  OK, let’s do that. So we’re gonna open Toronto foodie, the hashtag. This is on my desktop and it’ll look very similar on your mobile.

You just search for the hashtag that you want to use and you’re gonna get this. Every hashtag is actually filtered. So here’s the most recent post on this hashtag. But the very top, you see top posts. This means that these posts have received the most likes the most, likes the fastest. And they are trending right now in this hashtag. So you can see thirty-four hundred likes, 5000 likes. Twenty-seven hundred likes.

Eight hundred eighteen thousand views. Five hundred and seventy likes. These are active. So why are we winning to top post? Top post. Ah good.For one or two reasons. So one either. The reason there are so many likes is they’re posted by influencers.

So these are people we’re gonna want to get their attention to. It could be other companies, it could be competition, but it doesn’t matter at this level. There are so many people commenting at this point want the attention of the people who are giving this post attention, because the people who like Encomia this post if I’m also a restaurant, would probably likely enjoy my content.

So I hope you’re all following me. So so far, we’re doing the 18 cent method or 18 cent strategy. And the goal of this is to increase our followers and get more people to our page. So this is how we’re gonna proceed. Again, I’m a restaurant, you know, in theory, I’m a new hip downtown restaurant and I want more followers. So I want my hashtag about Toronto foodies.

Let’s start. We’re gonna leave our two cents on these top nine posts. And in case you figured it out, two cents plus two cents plus two cents. Two two two two two is 18 percent. Hence the 18 cent method. We’re leaving our two cents on nine posts. So let’s get started. First pictures of a pie with some meringue type deal on top, possibly whipped cream, but probably meringue.

We’re gonna go into the post and we’re gonna take a look at it, absorb it for a second and leave an actual meaningful contest. Let’s do that right now.

This is so weird, kid. Like pop more time to make more sense. But here’s my I’m actually leaving a comment right now saying the post that, OK, it’s gonna go up. Boom. That’s one done. And then go to this one and go in and take a look at it. Okay. This is really cool. We got a collage of stuff. We got some food going. Posters are here. Probably a pretty significant influencer down in the trauma market. Definitely a foodie.

Let me leave a comment. Say, wow, this is incredible. A few of my favorite things. I can’t spell anything for your things. Love photography and food.

So really, I mean, do a better job in this meeting on the spot but so come at number two. Again we’re not doing like hey nice pic cause there are a thousand bots doing that. We actually want to connect with this person. That’s the goal. They won’t go to the next one. Okay. When your head’s in the game and you’re focused on the dough.

Perfect. Always be focused on the dough. This proves actually wrote it. I’m not a bot so damn good. Okay, we’re gonna do this.

And the six Ecstasy’s from Aurora. Just perfect. And you’re going to basically do this on every picture. Going to come here to do this one here. Are you going to come and do this on here? All nine of these. Okay. It’s not like it literally will probably take you one to two minutes per hashtag. So we gonna do that here. And then you’re going to repeat that on.

I want to say actually, I mean, the minimum we have to do is just this. If you have the time, let’s not leave it at one hashtag. Let’s do three hashtags. So after you’ve done these nine, I’d love to actually go over and do another one. Let’s say Toronto food.

The hashtag, it’s another big one. And we’ll get a whole nother set of nine more interesting posts. Ok, so whatever we can do that an all nine of these again. Pick one more hashtag. So food in the six could probably be a pretty good one. Nope. That’s terrible. Find something that has like I would say, more than 10000 posts already.

The six. Maybe you just want to, it doesn’t have the food-related. You can sometimes just put a related hashtag into the demographic. So chances are people who are posting the best six, which if you don’t know, is slang for Toronto. They’re in Toronto and they probably all eat food. And as a restaurant, it’s probably a good idea. So take a look. Not so great.  And it’s kind of I’m talking to you this.

You can see the process that maybe you want to go through to find the right hashtags. This guy came as no company. Whenever you get the point, you’re going to find some stuff. Let’s say Toronto restaurants cannot see if this works. Do this one you. I don’t think so. We’re gonna leave it here. So basically, you go to that same method, you’re gonna go in on every picture. You can find a hashtag on every picture and you can leave your two cents on all nine of the top posts. Do that every single day.

One hashtag minimum. So at least do it on nine postdebate. You’re 18 cents, two cents, nine posts. If you have the time, do that every day. Nine posts, three hashtags. We have more time to five if you can. 20 hashtags. I mean, go nuts. Give time. Go nuts. Just make sure that it doesn’t become spamming comments. Know don’t go into pictures and be like, nice, you know. I mean, like, don’t do that. Look at the picture.

Try to connect sometimes. Maybe want to even click on the person’s profile. Who is this? OK, Joel. You know, he’s into the travel lifestyle. You mean like a few other old pictures while I’m here, get engaged to get to those hashtags are relevant to your business. Like we were just on leave your two cents like the picture. And if you have time, pop into a few profiles and like some other pictures, really engage be human. I guarantee you, I guarantee views every single day.

You’re gonna grow your social media following like crazy, even just after one day, you will wake up to new followers. I guarantee you not just will you know, not only are the people who you’re engaging with going to like but other people in the comments that see your comment if it’s relevant enough if it’s really enough, they’ll check out your profile and they’ll follow you if your profile is done right.

And so this is a super easy, free, you know, very small amount of time investment required strategy to kind of grow your Instagram. Then a lot of you are struggling to your Instagram. Well, here’s a tempest. The 18 cent method to sense starts living at two cents all over Instagram.

I hope you guys love that tip. Let me know if you’re struggling to figure out what hashtag works for your business. You can leave a comment. I’ll see if I can help you out. So definitely go try this method and I’ll be talking with us again for sure. Try to let me know how goes.


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