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No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

As many of us know, “No Game No Life” has taken up enough space in the audience’s mind. The first series received a worldwide response. But after so much success in the first series, we still have no official news for the No Game No Life Season 2 release.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

When we last saw team blank they had just won the world’s most brutal coin toss. And suddenly audiences are thrust into this epic scene where Team blank is trying to summon an old God. Why the heck would animation studio man house in the first season. Such a matter besides just blatantly teasing No Game No Life Season 2. There is another reason entirely.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

No Game No Life Season 2

It turns out that the author coming out was only up to Volume 5 when the anime first came out in 2014. The publisher was requesting that he submitted the materials for Volume 6.

However, that book became the basis for the No Game No Life Zero movie. Now it seems like a standalone story. But that’s where you would be wrong.

It actually has direct relevance to the events that take place in Volume 8. But to say more would be to getting into spoilers territory so I’d suggest jumping to my article to read the rest now. The first season adapted the first three books and since the ending jumps straight to Volume 7 most likely Season 2 will just retcon that ending entirely. Pretend it never happened and then jump straight into the events was Volume 4 makes way more sense than trying to explain away why they suddenly go on then jump and then do a flashback etc. etc..

The bad news is that there’s plenty of source material for creating Season 2 Volume 10 of the book series actually came out early 2013 and that book was focused on dwarves and that leaves six books on adapted. Now we could just say that the next season will be 12 episodes and it’ll adapt books for 5 and 7.

However, that’s probably not going to happen because books 7 and 8 are directly interconnected and make more sense to just go ahead and adapt all six books with 24 episodes in a 2 4 season. Now there’s been some crazy rumors out there involving no game no life seemed to be canceled.

The big one is that Toffler is actually dead now it is true. Way back in May 2011 you got me how I went to go to the United States because he was diagnosed with gastric cancer. He received this treatment came back to Japan in the fall. In fact, that’s when you got married to his new wife who used to be is Mongo’s assistant and they’ve had kids starting in 2015.

In fact, he’s working with another author series called clockwork planet and they’ve even released multiple books in that time frame so there’s no truth to the idea that he’s dead or dying or whatever. The second rumor related to no game no life being canceled is relevant to the artwork and the light novels in the manga. Now it appears that the creators traced some other artwork.

This is when you use another person’s artwork as a reference point. And so the hoses and the positioning of the characters were very similar. It’s not like they flat out copied and pasted but it’s still kind of frowned upon in the industry. So, in this case, the creators of the no game no life actually apologized officially and from what we can tell there’s been no effect in the long term on the success of the series. Books are still coming out obviously and that controversy was many years ago so they should builds move on and make no game no life seems to without any issues.

So crazy rumors aside we know that in Japan it’s all about the money when it comes to an anime production community giving the green light on a new project but we can look to another series by madhouse that proves that they do. Second and third seasons the Overlord anime very popular but you might be surprised to learn that overlord season 2 actually sold about half the number of copies of Blu rays and DVD

So that means no game no life CO2 would seemingly have more of a chance of being produced on top of that. The movie did very well. Now to put in perspective it wasn’t in your name it wasn’t in the billions of yen but no game no life.

Zero actually produced seven hundred million yen in the Japanese box office. making it in the top 20 when it comes to TV anime adaptations. Now the most difficult part is securing the schedule uptown at staff and also one of the biggest time bottlenecks is forming an anime production committee. We do know that madhouse director who did both the first season and the 2017 movie she produced the new anime a place other than the universe. In that anime actually proves that no game no life is on the brain a madhouse.

In fact, there were advertising moments for new game new life contained within that new anime series that came to 120. So we do know they’re still thinking about it. Does that mean that the second season’s coming necessarily? Maybe maybe not but we do know that there was a big collaboration there was audio drama there were postcards there was a bunch of media latest no game no life in four years after the first season came out. That’s a big deal now when it comes to the production schedule.

Enemies are scheduled years in advance. We do know that from 2019 to 2020. Madhouse is producing ace of diamond act 2 which is the third season of that series. They’re also going to be working that after lost and new guns life. What does that mean there’s room in the future schedule for movie and no life season too.

Yes, but we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. In fact, the worst-case scenario is that the series gets the one punch man treatment which is where the project is handed over to different main staff and a different studio and potentially suffers a quality loss. We don’t know. But what we do know is that the finances are good. The schedule is good.

Everything’s opening up so there’s the very possibility that we could be seeing no game no life season 2 come.


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