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Top 10 TV Shows in 2020 Of All Time

Top 10 TV Shows in 2020 Of All Time

Some run fast, Some control their inner demons and some of them even throw up their career for the hero business from Marvel’s billionaire cinematic universe to DC Extended Universe. Superheroes are a common trope in recent movies and TV shows. These heroes have given their blood and sweat and have made many sacrifices in their journeys to save the world.

Welcome to our website. And today we’re counting down the top 10 TV shows of all time. We can’t start without mentioning the TV show that gave birth to the DC TV universe.

10. Green Arrow

If you’re a DC Comic book fan or a fan of the early Justice League animated TV series, you surely must know of  Green Arrows. Green Arrows Alter ego is Oliver Queen, a young billionaire who owns Queen Industries and is one of the leading business personalities at Star City. The Arrow TV show gives the character the same origin story but twists it in several ways. This version of Green Arrow simply called The Arrow and has learned how to fly during his time in a deserted island rather than being a hero. He has become an anti-hero, which gives his character a twist, just as we mentioned before. Since the villains in Green Arrow comic books are limited, this series also borrows billions of other DC storylines, such as Deathstroke and Ra’s al Ghul.

9. Titans

At number nine. We have Titans, which saves the anti-hero concept to a whole new level in this new DC Universe TV show. We’re introduced to the popular cast of characters in the animated Teen Titans TV series such as Nightwing, Raven, Starfire, and even Jason Todd as Robin, despite being based on a children’s animated TV show.

This tackles mature themes such as atonement, abuse, manipulation, and even suicide. The series also changed several origin stories of the characters and gave a darker outlook for Nightwing character, even though this resulted in some fans displeasure for making their favorite superheroes antiheroes. The others praised the series Mature Aspect in the introduction of Trie Gone, the ultimate antagonist of the series.

It also includes many other minor comic book heroes, such as Hawk and Dove and even Döner Troy. The series has two seasons, with the first season having 11 episodes and the second season having 13. As we mentioned before, the show also falls into the category of horror mixed in with supernatural elements. So, kids, you’re in for something rough.

8. The Flash

Next up, The Flash another TV series in the CW, an Arrowverse franchise compared to Green Arrow. Flash was super popular in the DC Comics. And we can see why this show immediately got popular. The Flash tells the story of Barry Allen, a forensic investigator whose father is framed for his mother’s murder due to a mysterious particle acceleration accident in Star Labs.

Barry gainst superhuman speed, giving him the ability to run faster than a normal human. He joins with the remaining star lab members. Dr. Caitlin Slow and Cisco, they’re also aided by Police Commissioner Joe West and his daughter, Iris West. The first season has been praised for its emotionality. Mystery, suspense, and action. The show has six seasons each featuring a new speedster or a main villain from the flash comic books.

Just a friendly warning before you watch the TV series, though, if you’re not a fan of time travel or if you’re confused by time theories, you should probably plan a rewash because of flash. It’s time travel done complex and done well.

7. Agent Carter

If you’re in need of a TV series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe at number seven, we have Agent Carter released on ABC. This story continues. Agent Penny Carter’s story after the events of the 2011 Captain America movie The First Avenger. With Steve Rogers out of the picture, Penny is forced to find a new life in the military.

She leads a dual life handling the tasks of the strategic scientific reserve, while also secretly helping Howard Stark and his butler, Jarvis, in solving an international threat. This TV series also ties into the 2013 Marvel one short film Agent Carter, and has a really good job showcasing how she adapts to her new life after her losses.

The second season further explores this concept as she moves to Los Angeles to deal with threats of the secret empire, where she finds a new love interest as well. The TV series comprises of two seasons, with the first having eight episodes and the second having 10 episodes.

6. The Umbrella Academy

Up next, we have Umbrella Academy released on Netflix. It’s very unusual for a superhero TV series to be outside of the Marvel or DC Universe is the umbrella Academy makes a great exemption. On the 1st of October 1989, 43 women who had no sign of pregnancy give birth at the same time.

Seven of these influences are adopted by a billionaire called Sir Reginald Hargreaves, and he trains them to be superheroes. Years later, this team splits apart and they’re reunited as Sir Reginald Hargreaves funeral, where one of them returns from the future and warns them about a threat to the planet. Even though this sounds like another generic plot of a superhero story is the characters and their interactions that make this show more interesting.

Each episode shows a vital part of their characters and how the seven of them start to bond again while understanding each other’s abilities. The show was released on Netflix and has one season with 10 episodes with a possibility of the second season releasing later this year.

5. Jessica Jones

Number five, we have Marvel’s Jessica Jones released on Netflix. Except for characters like Deadpool and Wolverine. Marvel’s known for creating superheroes with heroic backgrounds and ideals. But Jessica Jones manages to be an exception to that.

Unlike other superhero stories, Jessica Jones stance as a superhero until an incident with the criminal killed grave makes her kill someone shattered by the events, she decides to let go of her superhero career and turn into a private investigator. But as the season progresses, things get worse and kill grave resurfaces, making Jessica’s worst fears come true.

And she once again has to chase the criminal who ruined her life apart from showing a darker part of the Marvel Universe. The series also features Luke Cage, another Marvel superhero with superhuman strength and an unbreakable body. The show continued for three seasons, with each season containing 13 episodes.

4. Legion

Coming in at number four is Legion, a superhero TV series that manages to execute the concept of a psychological thriller very, very well. In this TV series released on effects, we meet David Horler, a man who’s diagnosed with schizophrenia and hunted by the government agency known as Division three.

He’s rescued by a group of mutants in a house called Summer Land, and they explained that he’s a mutant as well. What’s worse, his mind is infected by a parasitic mutant called Amol Farouq, a.k.a. a shadow king. Horter has the ability to force the Shadow King’s powers through his mind rather than being a singular and violent superhero show like X-Men, which the story was inspired by.

This also adds many horrors and psychological elements to the hero genre. And through this, manages to give the viewer a different feeling rather than a normal superhero show. The show also explores many mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder, and manages to deliver psychological heavy themes, making this show more suitable for mature audiences. Legion has three seasons aired with the first and third seasons having eight episodes and the second with eleven.

3. Watchmen

And number three, we have Hage, HBO’s Watchmen, based on the popular comic book of the same name. The TV series is set in an alternate history where heroes are now seen as vigilantes. The governments are trying to stop a nuclear holocaust due to a mysterious attack from a vigilante known as Ozymandias.

And meanwhile, a new supremacist group known as the 7th Cavalry wreaks havoc in the city, killing police officers, forcing them to don mosques to do their job. The Watchmen is so different from other TV series because of the political concepts and characters which show the dark aspects of heroism really well. The setting of the story manages to showcase the dystopian environment of the world really well.

And this show has managed to gain critical acclaim. The series has nine episodes and sadly, HBO hasn’t confirmed any future sequel seasons for the show yet.

2. The Boys

And the runner up spot, we have the boys released on Amazon Prime video, even though most superhero shows managed to show the heroic aspects of their heroes really well, they avoid showing the faults and flaws in their daily lives. But the boys manage to do this really well.

This TV series is set in a universe where superheroes are funded by a massive organization called Vaunt International. And even though they appear heroic in their hero business, they’re corrupted and scary in their personal lives. So Vaught’s international has created a separate team called The Boys to keep these heroes under control.

While the series focuses on the members of the boys and a superhero team known as the Seven. It also introduces two new characters for each team. The show manages to show that superheroes aren’t the perfect people we admire. This manages to twist the hero and vigilante concept and deliver a fast-paced show with action.

1. Daredevil

No one in our list is Netflix’s Daredevil, based on the Marvel comic superhero. This show follows lawyer Matt Murdock, who was blind ever since he was a kid but gained heightened senses after the accident. At night, he dresses as Daredevil, who continues to prevent crime, led by the criminal mastermind Wilson Fisk.

What makes this show really good and top superhero list is the care it puts into his character’s daredevil. Unlike others, isn’t someone with a special superpower? Yeah, he takes advantage of his disabilities to become a hero. The villains of each season are well developed and managed to create an interesting conflict in the story.

The series also crosses events with the defenders and is related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. The show has three seasons with 39 episodes in total.

With that entry, our list comes to an end. As we mentioned before, these shows are interesting not only because they revolve around superheroes, but because they managed to execute themes, concepts, and characters really well.

Shows like Daredevil and the Boys Show is they’re being superheroes isn’t an easy job. And shows like Watchmen and Legian managed to tell the darker side of the superhero business. What did you think of our list? Drop us a comment. Alas, no. Write to us also if you thought we missed something because we’d love to hear from you.


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