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Total Wine And More Store Locations & Business operations

Total Wine And More Store Locations & Business operations

Total Wine is the world’s largest independent retailer super shop of wine, spirit, beers, cigars, and gifts. David Trone and Robert Trone first opened a small shop together in 1991. This was located in Claymont, Delaware.

When they saw that their business was going well, they started expanding their store. Then they started planning to open their second store. Within a few years, they had invented their second store at Milltown. Then they did not have to look back. They were increasing the number of stores in America.

Total Wine And More Store Locations & Business operations

Total Wine And More Store Locations & Business operations

Then in 2006, they started their journey in California and Arizona. They currently operate a total of 208 Super Shops in different places in America. And their shops are located in a total of 24 states.

I think what makes Total Wine culture special is the openness to new ideas and the empowerment of people as a store leader. Their employees act like an entrepreneur and when you visit Total Wine you will see that they consider their employees to be the most valuable assets.

They have over 8,000 different bottles of wine from around the world. Even They have their own portfolio of Wands that are hand-selected by the team of buyers exclusive to their customers. They still maintain a strong focus on local and any store you go into for example here in Florida. They have developed a great relationship with Darwin’s Brewing. Not only do they keep us in stock and support us with in-store tasting They were able to even plan and brew a beer with Darwin’s on-site exclusively for their Growler bar as a wind manager.

One of the favorite parts of their job is the education of both new and seasoned team members. They invest heavily in the education of their team with over 100 hours of product training the company will even help you earn product certifications and make you an expert in their field. It’s a great way to make sure They are providing the best information to help their customers make the best selections father in their store here at Total Wine and More They are committed to supporting their communities in which They live and serve over the past four years. The company has donated over 17 million dollars.

There are two more than 21,000 organizations that are local customer support. They also allow their education centers to the east free of charge to their local community members. Just one more way They get to connect with them. Another priority of the organization is to set the bar high on being a responsible partner in the industry. They go out of their way to ensure compliance and that They never serve a minor.

At Total Wine, They strive for that unmatched customer service experience. You really have to love what you do here. And I feel that their customers can relate to that when shopping in their stores. They want you to feel like your guests in their home each and every time you shop with us, They are a group that listens to the ideas of their customer’s team members and vendors to help us Embrace new approaches and change.

If you visit a Total Wine store, you’ll also find that they will have more local products. Than any other store in the state, you’re committed to bringing in local products and working with local producers to really serve and reflect the community. Each Total Wine team member goes through 100 hours of training before ever setting foot on the floor.

Every week there is a new learning opportunity for their team which keeps them on top of trends and customer needs. In addition to training, their stores are using technology to provide the most innovative store design in retail liquor. their customers will not only find technology all over the store. They’ll also find it in classroom space. Total Wine classes connect their customers with local producers for wine tastings and provide opportunities to learn more about classic varieties. It’s wonderful for their customers and a great way to connect with the community.

Total Wine is truly committed to the communities where their stores are located in 2013 alone the company doesn’t even in-kind and monetary contributions in excess of four million dollars more than 4,200 local charities in 24 States.

More importantly than that the opportunity the first retailer ever to win it a second time. A special thing that they are really just humbled by that when they open the business. They open the store in Wilmington Delaware at that time. The store had low prices a good selection. They have an unparalleled selection of fantastic prices, but most important Best in Class service. It speaks to the people and that’s the real Genesis of Total Wine success is their wonderful teams in the stores. It recognizes the tremendous hard work and ideation that they’ve had team members. First of all, they are very knowledgeable, but the products to knowledge about how to get mutations to the customers that come in the door.

Every day and their team members that don’t deal with the customers every day or knowledge about the industry are great business people motivated are driven and really are very productive. they are committed to providing customers with outstanding service and the best prices on the most outstanding selection of wine beer and Spirits.

Over the last five years. I’ve had the opportunity to see this incredible brand grow. I was here when we celebrated a hundred store opening and now we’re about to celebrate our 200th in the upcoming year in my role. They not only get to find top talent to grow their business but also get to be a small part of their future. They also prefer somebody about joining. This company is you will find a leadership team that is open to innovative ideas and is invested in your personal growth.

I believe in achieving Superior results by Setting clear business goals and creating a trusting environment. They encourage team members to continuously grow and reinvent themselves in a culture that is high-energy and Innovative this year. We launched a book which is a framework for supporting all of our team members’ personal and professional growth. As part of the total wine, they offers things like a flexible work environment robust learning opportunities, and industry certifications. they are proud of their Brands our products and being a growing retailer in the alcohol beverage industry.

They are continuing to expand so quickly across the country. It’s truly like no other wine store you’ve ever been to the fact that They are a family-owned business translates in the way. They operate as one team. They work hard. They have fun and sell products that they are passionate about.

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