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What Is VPA In UPI - How To create & use in 2020

What Is VPA In UPI – How To create & use in 2020

VPA (Virtual Payment Address) is a type of address used in place of a bank number. VPA is also called Payment Address, Virtual ID, and UPI ID. VPA is used for online money transfer in UPI apps. VPA allows you to pay and withdraw money from someone. After registering in UPI apps and linking to a bank account, you have to create a VPA address. You have to create it yourself and you can create it to your liking.

You can change it at any time as it is a Virtual Payment Address. If you want to send money to someone, you need their bank account number and IFC code. However, sending money through VPA will not require your account number and IFC code. You can send money directly to his account through VPA. Because VPA changes the bank account details. However, in order to send money to someone, it is important to know his BBA Id.

What Is VPA Id?

Virtual Payment Address looks a lot like an email ID. Just as each person’s email address is different, so is everyone’s VPA address. Such a VPA Id ideaqna@axisbank. Now the letters before 7 indicate your VPA and the letters after 8 indicate which bank this VPA belongs to. So this whole address is your VPA and you have to type this address when you send money to someone through VPA. The VPA is associated with your bank account and mobile number.

What Is VPA In UPI?

VPA in UPI means that when you send money to someone via VPA address, you need to register in a trusted UPI app. So UPI is a medium for sending money through VPA.

Wherever you can use it?

  • Merchant payment
  • Recharge
  • Ticket booking
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Online shopping bill payment

Some benefits of sending money through VPA

  • You do not need to have a bank account to take money from anyone.
  • It’s easier to remember than bank account numbers and IFC codes.
  • You can change it at any time for security reasons.
  • You can create the VPA address of your choice.
  • You can also create a virtual payment address.
  • You can add multiple bank accounts with one VPA address. But by default, you have to select a bank account.

How VPA works?

To use VPA, you need to install UPI apps of any bank on your mobile. In the Play Store, you will find UPI apps of many banks. You can install any UPI apps from here. After installing UPI apps you need to register there and then select your Bank name and create VPA of your choice.

After creating the virtual payment address, your bank account is linked to this address. And if someone wants to send you money through UPI apps, you can give them your virtual address. If you want to send money to someone through UPI apps, you can send it through VPA address without their bank account number.

HowTo Send & Receive Money Through VPA

To send money through VPA, you need to login to your UPI app, then go to found transfer. It may have different names in different apps. Such as send, money pay money, pay. Then you have to enter the VPA address of the sender, then you have to enter the amount, you have to write the remarks, then you have to confirm the payment and give the UPI pin. That way the money will go to his account.

But if you want to receive money from someone, you have to request his VPA address. For this you have to go to Request Money or Collect Money then you have to write VPA of the person from whom you want to receive money, write the amount, remarks, and confirm. Then you have to wait for approval from the person you sent the request to. When he accepts your request, that amount will be credited to your account.

VPA Remarks

When we send money to an account, there is a lot of confusion about below the amount, what it is, and what to write here. So VPA remark means when you have sent money to a wrong account and if you want to get that money back you can take it through VPA remark. You write here something that you can easily remember. It could be your name, your number, or your email address. So it is very important to send money. You can write it down somewhere if you can. Hopefully, you have no more questions about the VPA remark.

How to get VPA in BHIM

You don’t have to do anything different to create a VPA address in BHIM. All you have to do is download the BHIM UPI app from the Play Store and then follow the instructions above. I hope you succeed. This method will also apply to VPA in Xname.


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